How to Win at Online Blackjack

There are only a handful of online casino games that you can turn in your favor and Blackjack is one of them. Not hitting the perfect 21 may also help you win and beat the dealer but there are many other ways to win. All you need is a great game play strategy, need to learn how to manage your money and know that there is no actual easy hard and fast rule to win. You can go and play online blackjack on a range of casinos available from 10Cric to Royal Panda

Before you play, let’s just go through the terminology once again.

  • Hit: You can ask for an extra card. Hit until you want to stand or till you get bust.
  • Stand: You want to settle and don’t take more cards. The online blackjack dealer can now play their hand.
  • Double Down: Double your bet size & an additional card &you stand.
  • Split: If and when you have a pair of cards that have the same value, you can separate your hand by splitting you cards in two and double your bet.
  • Surrender: If you think that you’re about to lose a hand you can surrender half your bet
  • Insurance: In the game of online blackjack you can take an insurance when the dealer’s up card is an Ace. The bet is half of the value of your hand and are betting on the dealer getting blackjack

Top Ways to Win at Online Blackjack

Play games with liberal rules

You should try and play blackjack games that have good odds. The odds of 3:2 or higher are more favorable and better for you as a player. When playing the game of online blackjack you should always keep in mind that the aim of the game is to take your money, but you got to be smarter than the rest, avoid games that give returns of 6:5.

You should also play on tables that allow you to double down after hitting a soft 17 or when you want to split your pairs. These liberal rules will help the player reduce the house edge and give them a better chance of winning blackjack.

Play games with fewer decks

Sit on a table that has fewer decks of cards. Games which have 2 or 3 decks of cards are more favorable for the player than 5+ decks.

You can see that it is all about the math. Playing with one deck, if you are dealt your first hand with an Ace, 16 of the rest 51 cards (31.4%) have values of 10 and would make the value of your hand 21 and hit blackjack. If there are six decks, only 64 out of 311 cards (30.9%) will help hit 21. This shows that the lower the

 Don’t place a bet based on your gut feeling

In order to prevent losses and risky bets always decide what you are going to bet the next round. If you don’t have a clear betting strategy then it is advisable to have one.

 Oscar betting system

One of the best ways to plan your betting strategy in the game of online blackjack is to follow the Oscar betting system. The aim of the system is to one at least one chip. It has three simple rules-

  1. As you win a hand, increase your bet size by one chip
  2. As you lose, bet the same amount
  3. If you make money in one session of online blackjack, withdraw your winnings and start again

This rule will help you recover your losses that you make and prevent you from losing all your winnings.

Use strategy cards

It is legal by the casinos to make use of strategy cards and plan your next bets on it. The cards have the odds of the next cards and how you fare against the dealer. This will help you predict the next cards.

It is advisable to not use ‘Insurance’

Despite the size of your bet avoid betting on ‘Insurance’. For example if you have a hand with the value of 10 with one deck, the 16 of the rest ss49 (32.6%) cards have a value of 10. That means if you place an insurance bet it has the highest chance of winning, on an average an insurance bet loses 33 times and wins only 16 times, so if you lose the insurance you might be down your bet and insurance.

Chose the casino that is right for you

There are many scammers online, chose the top casinos make sure that they are safe. You can check out Vegas Casinos for the safest casinos online that have done the research for you. You can find casino with great bonuses and with no deposit and win real money in casino games such as online blackjack!

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