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Get up to:
100% Bonus
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Valid on first deposit. Free spins maybe spread out over few days. Look at the casino T&C to learn more. Play Responsibly.
Get up to: 100% Bonus up to ₹1,00,000 plus Free Bets When you sign up and deposit.
Get up to 100% Bonus up to ₹1,00,000
Get up to Bonus Up to ₹1,00,000 Welcome Bonus!
T&Cs Apply
New Players only Valid on first deposit. Free spins maybe spread out over few days. Look at the casino T&C to learn more. Play Responsibly.
Get over ₹70,000 Boss' Welcome Bonus!
T&Cs Apply
New Players only Valid on first deposit. Free spins maybe spread out over few days. Look at the casino T&C to learn more. Play Responsibly.
Get over 100% up to ₹20,000 Welcome Bonus!
T&Cs Apply
New Players only Valid on first deposit. Free spins maybe spread out over few days. Look at the casino T&C to learn more. Play Responsibly.

What is Dream Catcher Casino game?

Dream Catcher is a live casino game created by the award-winning studio Evolution Gaming where you bet on which number a wheel will land on. The game won “Digital Product of the Year” at the Global Gaming awards in 2017. The game was introduced in the ICE 2017 game show in London and was the first in “Wheel Game” format to be ever created .

Players would see the resemblance of the game Wheel of Fortune or Khulja Sim Sim

The game is hosted by a live dealer, so it feels like you’re playing in a real casino or in a real life game show. The game has a wheel of 52 segments which have the numbers : 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 along with multipliers of x2 and x7. And you have to bet on the number on which the wheel will land on to win! The game is streamed in HD quality from the facilities in Riga.

How to play Dream Catcher Casino Game?

Playing Live Dream Catcher Casino Game is straightforward and enjoyable as Dragon Tiger game.  Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you understand the gameplay:


  • Once the game has started, you will see a large wheel divided into segments, each labeled with a specific number (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 40).
  • Place your bets by selecting the desired number(s) and the corresponding bet amount.
  • The live dealer will spin the wheel, and you’ll watch in anticipation as it gradually slows down and comes to a stop.
  • If the wheel stops on the number(s) you bet on, you win according to the payout associated with that number. The payout is typically the same as the number itself, except for the number 40, which pays 40 to 1.
  • Collect your winnings, or if you choose, place new bets and continue enjoying the game.

Dream Catcher is 100% based on your luck as is designed to be like a game show. You can increase your multipliers by adding side bets which will increase the house edge but will give great returns if they win.

Live Dream Catcher Casino Game Strategy

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for playing Dream Catcher Casino Game as many online casino game has such cash or crash game. However, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of winning.

  1. Start with a small stake. This will help you to manage your bankroll and avoid losing too much money.
  2. Place your bets on the higher-paying sections. This will give you a chance to win more money, but it will also reduce your chances of winning.
  3. Do not look at the last numbers. The game is 100% random, do not be influenced by the last number which is shown. 

Dream Catcher Winning Strategies

Best 3 Online Casinos to play Dream Catcher Casino Game:

Parimatch casino


Being the most popular casino site in India, Parimatch offers you a wide variety of payment methods that can be used to play Dream Catcher Casino Game.

Casino Days:

A relatively new casino site but it offers some crazy bonus deals for the Indian players. You can grab their welcome bonus offer to play Dream Catcher with some extra funds in your account.

Big Boost

Big Boost:

Dream Catcher is listed at Big Boost online casino, and you can play it with real money.  You can also watch some rounds before placing your bet. It is totally free. 

Choosing the correct Dream Catcher Casino Game Site:

A player should research and compare different online casinos before making a decision. Look for reliable sources of information and consider the factors that are most important to you and your gaming experience.

These are several factors to consider before selecting a Dream Catcher casino online.

Reputation and Trustworthiness: Check if the casino is licensed and regulated by a reputable authority.

User Experience: A smooth and enjoyable user experience is important for a positive gambling experience.

Game Selection: A good online casino should offer a Dream Catcher Game.

Bonuses and Promotions: Check for welcome bonuses, ongoing promotions, and loyalty programs that can help you in playing Dream Catcher with real money.

Payment Methods: Look for popular Indian payment methods like – Paytm, Phone Pe, credit/debit cards, etc.

Customer Support: Prompt and helpful support should be available if you encounter any issues.

Dream Catcher Casino Game Payouts

The payouts in Live Dream Catcher are based on the number you bet on. The payout you receive depends on the number you bet on. This game is quite similar to Plinko Game.

Number on Wheel Number of Segments Colour of Segment Payout House Edge
1 23 Yellow 1 to 1 4.66%
2 15 Blue 2 to 1 4.49%
5 7 Purple 5 to 1 8.76%
10 4 Green 10 to 1 3.42%
20 2 Orange 20 to 1 7.26%
40 1 Red 40 to 1 9.19%
X2 1 Black/Silver Multiplies payout by x2
X7 1 Black/gold Multiplies payout by x7

Note: You can also bet on the multiplier sections, which pay out 2x or 5x your bet. If you win, you will be able to collect your winnings immediately. You can then decide to place new bets or cash out your winnings.

Dream Catcher Casino Game RTP

The Return to Player (RTP) of Live Dream Catcher ranges from 90.57% to 96.57%. The highest RTP you can get is 96.57%, which is a little bit higher than the average for online slots. This means that the house edge, which is the advantage the casino has, is between 3.43% and 9.43%.

Multilingual Gameplay:

One of the notable features of Dream Catcher Casino Game is its availability in multiple languages. Players can enjoy the game in their preferred language, including Hindi (आप ड्रीम कैचर कैसीनो गेम कैसे खेलते हैं?). This language diversity enhances accessibility and ensures a more inclusive gaming experience for players around the world.

Dream Catcher Casino Game provides an exciting and visually appealing online casino game experience. It’s a unique game that features a live wheel of fortune, making it interactive and thrilling. Players enjoy the game because it offers the chance to win big prizes while having fun. If you’re searching for an engaging casino game that combines luck and excitement, give Dream Catcher Casino Game a try!

About the Service Provider:

Just like other fantastic live games like Deal or No Deal, the Live Dream Catcher has been developed by Evolution. The concept is taken from a popular tv show where the host used to spin a wheel and awards are given if the wheel stops on the chosen segment. This luck-based game is one of the best games made by Evolution. You can also check their other games like Live Sic Bo, online roulette, MONOPOLY Baller Live, Live Poker, etc. 


Yes, you can play Dream Catcher on your mobile phone or tablet. The game was designed to be played on mobile devices, so it works great on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows.

Yes, you can play Dream Catcher in Indian Rupees. Many casinos offer Live Dream Catcher in INR, so you can play with your local currency.

Dream Catcher is a live casino game that is created by Evolution Gaming. Dream Catcher is one of their most popular games, and it is available at many online casinos.

No, you cannot play Dream Catcher for free. You always have to play with real money. However, some casinos offer no-deposit bonuses that you can use to play Live Dream Catcher for free.

Yes, Live Dream Catcher is real. The game is streamed live, so you can see the wheel spinning and the results being generated. There is no way for the casino to rig the game.