Sports Betting in India

Are you someone who loves sports? Do you constantly find yourself making correct assumptions about the outcome of the matches? Then why not channel your good luck into winning some real money through sports betting!

Online sports betting is a favorable gambling avenue for people who are into sports. Considering you’re new to sports betting, if you know the sport to bet on, you’ve already won half the battle! North America and Europe are making sports betting popular with Champions League, NBA, and NFL tournaments.

Let’s dive into understanding sports betting for beginners who want to make it big money!

Betting on sports has become even more popular than the games themselves. The glamour and risk involved in indulging in sports betting is what attracts people to lay bets. For them watching a match also becomes much more exciting if they have placed bets on it.

Although online betting, in general, isn’t legal in India, sports betting still exists. India views betting on sports as unlawful but there are no arrests in association with online sports betting. Given that the online casino’s main office is located outside of India, you can bet online legally.

There is very little data to corroborate the growth of the sports betting industry in India. That being said, betting on cricket is the most popular sport to place a bet on and has a market value of around₹ 6 lakh cr. Online betting on sports in India is clearly on the rise.

For every one-day international cricket match played by India, the betting alone stands at around $200 million.

Legalising sports betting is controversial across the world. In India, the Supreme Court-appointed Justice Lodha committee has stated that it believes legalising betting will help curtail the influence of unethical elements on the sport and its participants, including players and officials. Legalising sports betting will help the government to curb corruption and keep a check on the black money, and also help in generating lucrative revenues which can be used for the development of sports.

With an increasing digital penetration in India, many online casinos that cater to Indian sports fans who are interesting in placing bets. However, it is wise to go through these websites and check the credentials for your own safety and security.

With the help of world renowned sites such as Dafabet casino, 10Cric casino, Betway and Parimatch you can safe and legally bet on all your online sports. You can even use payment methods such as Paytm for sports betting using your tips and win big by backing your team.

Things to consider before Betting on Sports Online

As profitable as it seems, sports betting requires entry-level knowledge and understanding. Many beginners make the mistake of jumping into sports betting without weighing the consequences. Eager to start sports betting online? Here are some of the things you should know before you venture into sports betting!

  • Online Sports Betting isn’t Legal Worldwide.

Whether you’re betting from California, USA, or Tokyo, Japan, the location matters when betting on sports online. Especially if you’re in a new location and betting, you should make sure gambling is legal. But you do not need to worry, you can make bets on sports through online wager sites legally in India.

Online betting on sports, while legal in some areas of the world, is still risky. So, instead of leaving it up to chance, ask your lawyer or check out the government policies before placing any wagers.

  •   Sports Bonuses have the best bonuses.

When you start online betting on sports, many websites will offer you bonuses. Compared to casino games and other wager based gambling, sports have the best bonuses, you can check out the mouth watering bonues for the 2021 IPL by Parimatch where they have bonuses that can win 34 Lakhs!

  • Line Shopping is Profitable

Just like you compare the car dealership rates, you should compare shop around for sports betting odds. Having more sport books accounts will help you shop around. You can compare the lines and select the most profitable one.

5 Best Practices for Beginners to Ace Online Sports Betting

Like how you practice other things in life, you have to practice to become good at sports betting. While sports betting is primarily intuitive, a lot of it is also skill-based. Acing sports betting will take time. Meanwhile, here are some top tips for beginners to get started with online sports betting.

1.     Learn the Sports Betting Basics

As exciting as it may sound, betting on sports without proper knowledge about gambling is super risky. Especially if you’re a novice with zero knowledge, it’s time to start studying! By learning the basics of sports betting, you can wise choices and make more money. The better you understand the fundamentals of sports betting, you can apply strategies and have an enjoyable experience betting.

2.     Never Bet Under the Influence

Everyone enjoys the occasional beer or two when watching a match. However, when betting real money on sports, never be under the influence of drugs. If you’re distracted and make harsh decisions, you will lose out on your hard-earned money. Make sure you have clarity of thoughts when you place bets.

3.     Have Money Management Plan in Place

Having a money management plan is an essential tip for sports betting. A money spending plan will help you keep track of your bets and keep you from betting all your money. Sports betting is a little different from casino games because of personal emotion; instead of getting caught making decisions because you love a team, it’s best to curb your betting amount and set limits.

4.     Bet on Sports that you know

If you’re new to sports betting, bet on sports you know. While you might discover other games and tournaments that offer better odds, you have better odds at a sport you know. Just until you grasp the basics of online sports betting, it’s recommended to stick to sports you know. As you practice and become better, you can explore other sports and tournaments.

5.     Choose a Reliable Sports Betting Site

Depending on the type of sport you are interested in betting, you can find betting sportsbooks. Once you go down the rabbit hole of online betting sites, you will find many attractive deals. Don’t be fooled; make sure you do adequate research before choosing a sports betting site. You can find all verified and best sports books on Vegas Casinos, they have been researched and played on by experienced gamblers.

In Conclusion

This beginner’s guide is your stepping stone to starting your online sports betting journey. Make sure you read the tips and tricks before you jump blindly into sports betting!

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