Secrets of How to Win Online Jackpot Slot Games

Would it not be just amazing if you could trigger the progressive jackpot on online slots and win crores of rupee and live your life like a real life maharaja!?

When you have a chance to trigger slots such as Microgaming’s marquee slot series Mega Moolah I suggest you take it and run. These kinds of games have a history of making players win tens of crores in one go and providing you with a life of luxury! Test your Midas’ touch and buckle yourself up on your trip to being a exhilarating crorepati

Winning the Jackpot Slot

When you play online slots you have to determine whether they will pay out or not. There are great many metrics for you to figure out, for instance you can keep playing a slot until it wins and see if the payouts are worth your money, time and effort. There are many better ways to find out whether or not it is your day to win a real money fortune.

We at Vegas Casinos have tried and tested many methods and have found you the best recommendations based on research to try and make sure you have the best online gambling experience.

How do you win at Jackpot Slot game

Keep in mind that if it was so easy everyone could win it, but if you are feeling lucky then here are some important  statistics to look out for-

  1. The last time the jackpot was triggered
  2. The most recent size of the jackpot
  3. The size history when the jackpot has fallen
  4. The average size of the jackpot
  5. Average time taken when it’s triggered
  6. The size of the wins before
  7. The bet size by the player who placed it

It is safe to say the least that if you are serious some research has to go into winning the massive jackpots that could change your life. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been changed by just one spin of the reel. Some jackpots are not triggered and don’t fall for ages but few just fell today. With casinos like 10Cric, Royal Panda and Dafabet can make use of mouth watering bonuses to increase your chances of winning and the ability to spin more reels.

Factors Explained


Each of the jackpots has a certain time when they fall and creates somewhat of a pattern, you have to calculate its averages or otherwise you will be shooting in the dark. For example Mega Moolah pays out approximately every 8 weeks, so you should try and wait 8 weeks from the last time that it was triggered to have a better shot at winning.


You have to see the average size of the online jackpot slot when it falls. When the slot is somewhere near the average size you shout start betting. For example Wheel of Wishes gives out an average jackpot at ₹2,28,36,627.


When trying to win the big bonuses in progressive jackpot slots online you should always place big bets, this way you have a better chance of a bigger payout. The bet size will not play a hand in improving your chances but will definitely make you much richer.

You have to keep in mind that online jackpot slots games are a game of chance and it all depends on the RNG (random number generator). All you can do is try and beat that mass and greatly improve your chances, be careful when you bet and be safe!

Happy Gambling!

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