What Sikkim does to regulate Online Gambling in India?

In India, gambling has a long and complex history, with archaeologists finding sandstone cubes on the plains of the Indus Valley dating back to 3300 BC. Perhaps surprisingly, the country lacks a well-developed gambling industry and most forms of betting are severely restricted.

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Sikkim model to legalize online gambling in india

The sector is governed by the Public Gambling Act of 1867, which was introduced when the country was still under British rule. This legislation prohibits the operation and visit of gambling houses. Violators will receive a fine or imprisonment. So far, only a few Indian states such as Sikkim, Daman, Diu, and Goa allow legal land gambling. Gambling laws In India vary from state to state.

Indian Government allows for Games Governed by Skill

The legal situation in India is, to put it mildly, vague in relation to gambling. The Indian authorities make a legal distinction between certain forms of online gambling. Games like poker, which are mostly skill-driven, are not covered by the national ban.

Cards games like Poker gained legal status in 2013 with a decision by India’s Supreme Court that granted justice to a previously stripped-down poker club and patrons. Nevertheless, most Indian states do not currently allow online gambling.

As far as online gambling in India is concerned, India has not yet introduced adequate state regulation to regulate such activities. The online sector is currently unregulated in India. But the state of Sikkim is the only state in India to regulate online gambling as well as land-based betting. The latter are supervised by the provisions of the Sikkim Online Gaming Regulation Act 2008.

Legal Credentials of Gambling in the State Of Sikkim

This legislation allows for legal and licensed gambling on casino games such as Teen Patti, blackjack, poker, baccarat, and roulette. In fact, the Teen Patti cash game is considered one of the most popular in India. Most forms of sports betting are also considered largely illegal in most Indian states. The state of Sikkim is the only one that boasts legal sports betting. State laws were amended at a later stage to allow for the legalization and regulation of sports betting.

Online Gambling Regulations

In the mid-1990s, the Supreme Court of India ruled that betting on horse races should be legal because it involves an element of skill rather than chance. The Sikkim state authorities require locally licensed gambling operators to pay a monthly tax equivalent to 1% of their total gambling revenue.

Operators who do not pay their monthly fee within the specified deadline will be charged a 20% fee. Online gambling licenses in Sikkim are valid for one year and must be renewed annually. Applicants for all local permits must pay 500 ₹ at the time of application.

sikkim model to legalize online gambling in india

Casino games in India

Applicants must also meet certain operational requirements set by the Sikkim authorities. For example, they are expected to show the registered location of their offices as well as the exact date they received the gambling license.

Locals love sports betting, especially at events like cricket. In fact, cricket is so wildly popular on Indian soil that it is almost a religion for local bettors. The country even boasts its own cricket league – the Indian Premier League.

Indian Gamblers and Offshore Websites

Despite the lack of state regulations in India, the country’s gamblers enjoy online gaming, and they do so usually on offshore gambling sites licensed abroad. State authorities are not in the habit of prosecuting locals for playing on international websites.

As popular as such activities are, their opponents claim that gambling leads to a number of problems, such as money laundering, higher crime rates, and corruption. Those who accept the idea of legalization, on the other hand, would cut back on the insistence on gambling, which would be a huge source of revenue that could not harm but help the state.

The introduction of a regulatory framework would result in fundamentally fewer illegal gambling activities in the country. Hopefully, more Indian states would follow Sikkim’s example by giving way to well-regulated and safer gaming activities and relaxing their tougher stance on online gambling.

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