Muskan Sethi Leaves PokerStars After 3 Years

India’s First Female Professional Poker Player Leaves PokerStars

Muskan Sethi is one of the few female professional female poker players in India and she’s an amazing player who recently has parted ways with Pokerstars. Sethi had a lot of success in her career because of hard work and training. Due to that, she rose quickly through the poker ranks and participated in many prestigious international events such as WSOP (World Series of Poker).

Who is Muskan Sethi

Muskan Sethi has a lifelong experience that brought her to become one of the greatest Indian poker players. When she was just 11-years-old she would watch poker games with her father and play card games with her parents. She was introduced to poker by her boyfriend and then she caught the poker bug. Nowadays, Sethi is probably one of the most famous Indian poker players in the world. She is certainly the most known female poker player that came out of India.

Although Sethi parted ways with PokerStars, she doesn’t plan to stop doing what she loves and will probably stay in the poker world for a long time, where she definitely belongs.

Muskan Sethi’s Poker Career

Sethi was first recognized as an international poker player in 2014 as a PokerStars talent. She was then chosen to take part in the Shark Cage TV show in Barcelona. This tournament was filmed and shown in the United Kingdom and she won big. That’s when she blocked the biggest players in the world what followed was pretty obvious: everyone was shocked and knew that there was a girl from India who played poker.

Muskan Sethi was the first female poker player to receive the Women’s Achiever Award from India’s President for female advancement in a male-dominated field. She also serves as India’s Responsible Gaming Ambassador.

Poker in India

Being known as a male-dominated field, the country’s mentality is changing when it comes to Indian online poker. Although younger generations are more prone to gender equality, there is still a stigma attached to card games. Today, however many young ladies took to the game of poker and are encouraged to play, mostly by ambassadors and role models such as Sethi.

Sethi and PokerStars Parting Ways

On the 27th of January, 2020, After 3 years of being a PokerStars India Ambassador, Muskan Sethi parted ways from PokerStars. There were no specific reasons given. But probably Sethi will still be playing poker and encourage many women to do the same. Indian online gambling is increasing in popularity in India. Probably we will see Sethi very soon as a brand ambassador, or in another capacity with a large online poker operator. But one thing is for sure: a great player like Sethi will not quit anytime soon.

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