6 Good Luck Superstitions Indian Casino Players Should Know About

Many of us believe in luck to various degrees, and since the beginning of time, people practice rituals that are meant to change their luck for the better. Some people have their lucky articles of clothing or jewellery, others have their lucky numbers. And for some, different habits they practice believing they will bring them good luck.

As luck plays a big part in gambling, superstitions are a big part of the gambling strategies and experiences of Indian casino players. Whether visiting a casino, card room, or Indian online casino site like pure casino– when fortunes are at stake, Indian casino players have a whole universe of superstitions and beliefs.

With the world’s top online casinos now welcoming Indian punters, the typical Indian casino player has become more worldly, sophisticated, and versed in the international gambling arena. But although many visitors to India’s online casinos have their own superstitions, our casino experts have decided to share some international casino superstitions with you.

Whether you are using your own casino superstitions or would like to try some new ones from around the world, here are six famous good-luck beliefs that every Indian casino player should know.

So what are the good luck superstitions for online casinos?

1. Blow on the Dice for a Good Night at the Tables

You’re probably familiar with this one and have seen or done it before. Like many casino superstitions, it came from a story that may be fact or fiction. The story has it that casino cheaters use to smear dice with glue activated by moisture and then blow them, so the dice lands the way they want it to. While this isn’t possible through best Indian casino apps, blowing the dice it still customary in many casinos and even family board games. This can come in use when you are playing games such as online sic bo on 10Cric India.

2. Wear Red or another Lucky Colour for a Winning Night

Red is an intense colour. It represents passion, power, energy, and confidence. In China, red represents wealth, good fortune, and prosperity. Therefore on special occasions, money is always gifted in red envelopes to symbolize good luck. Many Asian gamblers wear red at the casino as they believe it can attract luck their way. We aren’t sure about the fashion choices of Indian casino players. But we do know for a fact that at the roulette table, they choose to place their bets red or black. Red is also the colour of Melbet india.com and Dafabet casino which one of the best online cash casinos in India.

3. Wear Your Lucky Charms When Gambling

Are you getting ready to play at an Indian online casino or Indian betting site? Better dig out those gemstones, crystals, charms, and gifted jewellery. Most Indian casino players usually wear or bring a good luck charm to the game with them. Some may keep these charms in their pockets, wear them or put them on the game table. Stones like Citrine are believed to bring wealth, which is why some gamblers keep them in their wallets. Other powerful crystals include Emerald, Jade, Pyrite, and Quarts. All believed for centuries to bring good luck and prosperity.

4. Either Sit, or Stand at the Casino, But Not Both

Many gamblers around the world, including Indian casino players, believe that one’s posture can affect the outcome of a bet. You will notice that most players either sit or stand at casinos, card rooms, and gambling parlours. Most Indian gamblers will never do both in one session, as they believe it will change their luck. So whether you are playing at an Indian online casino from your mobile phone or computer, the question is to sit or stand? We’ll leave this up to you, just remember not to mix. This comes in use when you play games like andar bahar real cash and 3 patti real money Paytm cash, where you can choose where to sit.

5. Cross Your Fingers and Practice Other Rituals

Crossing your fingers, touching wood, and tapping the table are only some of the endless list of Indian casino rituals. Such routines are carried out before, during, and after placing bets. Other popular practices include saying out loud the numbers or cards desired, reciting a mantra, phrase, or poem, playing with chips in one or both hands, or focusing on the aim of why you wish to win. As most Indian online casinos are played on mobile phones, we only suggest holding to your phone and keeping it safe while practicing your ritual.

6. If you are Unlucky in Love, You Will Be Lucky at the Casino

This superstition is supposedly based on the principle of a balanced universe, saying that luck will shine upon you elsewhere if you suffer from a broken heart. However, many successful Indian gamblers made millions of rupees and are still happily married. So we don’t recommend breaking up with your partner before logging into an Indian online casino.

But if you have been unlucky in love lately, and Cupid may be busy tending to someone else, why not try finding luck in another exciting and thrilling area of life? Play at the best online casinos in India to see what’s in store for you. You can claim great welcome bonuses on best gambling sites such as Genesis casino, Pure casino and Indibet online casino!

Try Your Luck at an Indian Online Casino

Now that you are up to speed with luck superstitions; you are all set to join all the other Indian casino gambling players and be part of the ever-growing community enjoying games together.

Good fortune has found you! The biggest and most admired online casinos are now welcoming Indian casino players to join the fun. All our recommended best Indian online casinos are safe and secure.

Sign up today to one of Indian’s top online casinos, and don’t forget to claim a generous welcome bonus!

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