Why Indian Punters Choosing Online Teen Patti over Poker

With many variations, Poker and Teen Patti are very similar. Poker is known to be as “skill game” while Teen Patti online is still seen as a mixture of “skill and chance”. It takes more luck to win a Teen Patti than to play poker, which makes Teen Patti even more exciting for punters across the world.

Teen Patti and Poker is the most played online card game with fantastic background music, a real brick-and-mortar casino feel, and a variety of enticing graphics. However, Poker is more played or preferred in Western countries and Teen Patti’s fan base is more in South Asia.

Below are the five reasons as to why an Indian punter are giving preference online Teen Patti game over Poker:

  1. Games of Chance

When it comes to the luck factor and the outcome cannot be determined, the game becomes more exciting and thrilling. In Teen Patti, the combination of the blind, bluff, show, and sideshow helps to create more exciting games. This combination makes Teen Patti – gambling and a little skill.

While in poker, skills mean more than chance. So for a novice who wants to enjoy learning and playing card games, Teen Patti can always be your saviour.

  1. Easy and Simple to Play

In terms of accessibility, Teen Patti is more accessible than Poker. In Teen Patti, players are dealt three cards each and have a choice of three – whether to roll, place a bet, or request a sideshow or show.

Fold- When a player exits the game depending on his cards

Place a bet – When the bettor thinks you have a better chance of winning – depending on what cards you have

Side Show or Show Request – A sideshow is the process of excluding a player. 2 players see each other’s cards privately, and one exits the game – depending on the position of the card. Meanwhile, the show takes place when there are only two players left and one has a chance of winning (with better cards).

While in poker, players are dealt two cards each, and when they see the card, they decide whether they want to continue with a bet or fold. Live dealers open 3 of 5 community cards and the decision remains in the hands of the players. They can continue without placing a bet, fold or raise the amount of the bet. Thus, poker involves a greater amount of cognitive ability and the rookie cannot master it all at once, while in the case of Teen Patti, a rookie can master it because it involves a large amount of luck.

  1. Geological Factor

Many Indian online gambling sites offer Teen Patti as a real money game to play online. Since Teen Patti is a desi Indian pastime, Indian bettors are more attracted to it.  For Teen Patti players, online gambling sites offer more exclusive bonuses. Joining bonuses are sometimes huge and the host doesn’t have to invest more to make more bets. Betting requirements are also lower.

  1. The player can act as a side dealer in Teen Patti

There is no need for a dealer in Teen Patti; maybe it’s always good to have a dealer. In Teen Patti, the dealer’s only job is to distribute the cards evenly and evenly before the game begins. While in poker, a dealer is required to unlock community or community cards.

However, the dealer is always suitable for any online gambling to ensure fair play. But in online Teen Patti, a dealer can stay for a while just because the cards are dealt. In poker, a dealer must be in the game until all rounds have been completed.

  1. It requires fewer players

If you are playing on online casinos, you do not need anyone to play with and can play against the RNG machine or against the live dealer. While poker requires at least five people to make the game enjoyable. These five bettors stay up long enough to finish a full poker game, which sometimes gets boring.

Suppose a player throws in the initial stages of poker and then the game lasts a long time – making it harder for bettors to enjoy. In the above case, the bettor has to wait a lot for the next round of the game. Meanwhile, if one round lasts longer than usual, a bettor will have to make more bets, which will result in higher investment.

Although Teen Patti is the number one choice for almost all of India, Poker is the heart of Western countries. Both card games have an element of excitement and excitement, so choosing the better of the two remains in the hands of the punters.

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