The Indian Casino Market

If we talk about gambling activities Indians have a great Mythological past related to it, in various Mythological texts and sacred books our Devi Devta (God, Goddess) are shown indulged in various card games and gambling activities. For example in the folklore of Mahabharata a game of Chausar was played in between the Kauravas and Pandavas, so we can say that Indians have a good history related to card games and gambling.

Its 21st century now and the old and historic card games are now changed into various online casino games. The Indian Online Casino market has provided a medium to Indians where they can play their favorite card games in form of casino games like Online Teen Patti real cash, Online Andar Bahar real cash.

The Indian Casino Market is undoubtedly having a good substantial growth from recent past years. However gambling laws in India are still in a vague situation but apart from that a large number of Indian population likes gambling and are somehow related to it. In a study it was shown that about 80% of local Indian population participates in online gambling activities at least once a year.

Legal Prominence of Indian Casino Market

The Public Gambling Activity of 1867 is the main law behind the regulation of Gambling activities in the country. Well states are allowed to make gambling laws but they still consider it illegal. You can find land based casinos in Goa and Sikkim, and some other states have legalized lotteries but majority refrains it too.

It is a little upsetting that despite having a history related to it gambling is still alienated by the Government. The government prioritize game of skills as compared to game of chances or luck. In situation like this the online casinos turned out be a saviour for Indian punters. Gambling on these Online Casinos from India is somehow not violating the gambling laws because these casinos are not based in India. So if you are interested in trying your luck you can play these games in various online casinos.

Future and market value

The future of Indian Casino market is estimated to have a good run. The industry is likely to grow 41% by the year 2024. The revenue generation is growing yearly so is the number of players. These Casinos can also help India in financial aspect. The gambling industry is currently estimated to worth US 60 billion yearly with the online casino market being the major contributor.

Most Famous games

Indians have always loved traditional card games in the online casinos Indians always prefer these card games. Online Teen Patti is the most preferable and loved game by the Indian Audience. However Indians also play Online Roulette and Rummy like games but the conversion rates of Teen Patti and Andar Bahar are high.

These games are not offered by all the casinos but the majority does, either as a virtual or live dealer format. The availability of dealers and real players make the live dealer highly performing format. This options help the players in interacting with anonymous persons around the globe and enhance social skills.

Variety of Payment options

It is a factor which is highly responsible for the growth of Online Indian Casino market, the online casinos provides numerous payment and withdrawals options to the Indian customers which are convenient and safe for them.


If the player needs are fulfilled accurately these casinos can earn good potential customers and profits too. The casino market in India will surely jump upwards in the upcoming years and people will get more attracted towards online gambling instead of the land ones because of the laws.

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