Teen Patti: Most Popular Card game in India

Teen Patti is one of India’s most popular online casino card games. It is very similar to the three-card Poker game and is considered a game of chance.

Teen Patti is played with three cards and the player with the highest-ranking cards at the table wins. However, using a little bit of strategy, an ability to bluff, and some bit of luck you can win even when playing with low-ranking cards

Also Known as Flash or Flush, Teen Patti became popular in India because it is one of the easiest and thrilling card games to play. This iconic game is specially connected to our festival of Diwali as friends and family across India get together to play Teen Patti and have fun. Players have also become very skilled at inventing new variations for the game.

All the best online casinos In India host an incredible range of Teen Patti games. They have the games by the top game providers in the industry who offer a real casino atmosphere with their live online Teen Patti games with Live Dealers dealing cards. These games can be played through the day. What’s even more amazing is the fact that the dealers on these Live tables speak Hindi and other local Indian Languages.

Online Teen Patti Live games are streamed live from special gaming studios. During the game you can interact with other players, chat with the dealer and even place side bets, along with regular game bets to get a more immersive casino vibe. These online casino games provide the best gambling action that can be experienced virtually.

Like Teen Patti Maang Patta game জিতউইন or as it’s popularly known as Andar Bahar আন্দার বাহার has also become a popular online card game that can be played at the top online casinos in India. Andar Bahar আন্দার বাহার is a card game that is based on pure luck and easy to play. All you have to do is place a bet on the Andar or Bahar side where you predict the game card will appear.

You can play Teen Patti online with real money at the best online casinos in India and remember to claim your Teen Patti welcome bonus when you sign up to play.

Teen Patti Hand Ranking System

Type of Hand What is means Example
Trail or Three of a kind It is the most difficult to get and the highest-ranking set where you need to get three of the same cards  

4, 4 ,4

Straight flush or Sequence The second highest-ranking set requires a sequence of cards of the same suit  

3, 4, 5 all spade

Straight or Sequence This is a sequence of cards in a mixed suit 6 of spades, 7 of hearts, and 8 of diamonds


Flush or Colour These are any three cards of the same suit 5,7,8 of spades


Pair Two of a kind or two cards that are the same 8,8 and 3

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