Paytm Horse Race Betting in India

Horse Racing & Paytm

Under the Aegis of The Turf Club of India, racecourses across India conduct horse races throughout the year. Each course comes under a Turf club which allows you to place bets on the horses. Horse Race betting is very popular in India and other directly betting via Turf clubs, you can also place bets through online casinos and Paytm horse race betting.

You can place bets on the horse races conducted by The Royal Western India Turf Club in Mumbai and Pune through the Paytm first games app. However, only residents of Maharashtra can place bets and Paytm uses the location services on the phones to check for violations of the law.

There are a few key points to know before placing a bet on Paytm:

  • The person placing a bet needs to be over the age of 18 years.
  • The bet amount and winnings are both taxable as per government rules
  • To place bets on races in Mumbai and Pune you need to be a resident of Maharashtra
  • To place bets on Hyderabad’s race clubs’ races, you need to be a resident of Telangana.

How to place bets through Paytm?

Placing bets through the app is very simple. All you have to do is Choose the Club and then go to the “select your Bet” option and place your bets on the horse you desire. You can place a bet on a single horse or multiple horses. Any confirmed bet can be viewed under the “My bets” option on homepage.

Paytm Horse Race Betting in India

Paytm First Games Betting

Can the bet placed be canceled or edited?

Once the bets have been placed, they cannot be altered in any way. You cannot cancel or change the bet amount.

Where can the results be viewed?

The results of each race are visible on the homepage under “Results” and also under the Live streaming section.

How to stream Live Horse Race online?

Paytm First games offer live streaming of horse races with the purchase of their race passes. You can purchase daily, weekly, monthly and yearly passes for these races.

What happens in case of cancellation of a race?

In case any race has been cancelled, then the amount that was wagered is refunded back into the account.

Paytm horse race betting has become very popular through their app – Paytm first Games. This app, with an easy-to-navigate interface and comprehensive information about races, horses, punters and their wins, will help you place bets with ease.

If you do not want to bet on Paytm for horse race betting then you can use sites such as 22 Bet Casino and Melbet sports betting. They offer bets on all horses across the world in any form of payment such as credit cards, cryptocurrency and online wallets etc, you can also read the detail reviews on the website to learn more about them. These online betting sites also offer you amazing bonuses and ability to bet on other sports such as performing football betting and tennis betting in India.

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