India Casino Success Stories

India is one of the most populous countries in the world and is home to just under 18% of the world’s population. Due to its size, India has a huge gambling market that continues to grow. A report from February last year showed that the market in India is worth just under Rs 7 crore (US $930 million).

There are over 550 million punters across India. In this article, we will look at some of India’s most successful gamblers and learn more about their remarkable stories.

The Patels

Ashok and Kirt could have never predicted the fortune heading their way. The two married doctors struck gold in the lottery in 2008. They won the biggest jackpot in Indian casino history, raking in RS 8 crores (around US$1 million). This was the largest winnings ever recorded in Mumbai as of 2008.

Following their success, the Patels decided to relocate. Once they claimed their winnings, the couple left Mumbai and moved elsewhere in India. Putting their fortune to good use, the Patels travelled the world and enrolled their children in new schools, ensuring a better future for the family.

Laarni Bible

Imagine what you could do with $550 million. In 2019, Laarni Bible played the Mega Millions slot that would change her life forever. After buying a $2 ticket, Laarni then went on to claim a whopping half a billion dollars.

Rather than receiving her millions in installments, Laarni took the cash option. She matched all six numbers in her India gambling lucky dip and claimed over $300 million in cash. Since receiving her winnings, Laarni has been living a life of luxury.


The likelihood of winning the lottery is next to none. In fact, figures suggest that your chances of winning are only one in 13 million. How about winning twice? Or even three times? RP Manorahan did just that. He is the only person in India to pull off such a feat and started raking in his millions in 2016.

With his first Rs 65 lakh in winnings, Manoharan decided to invest the money in his company. A few months later, he won an even bigger amount of RS 70 lakh, which he used to refurbish his home. However, all good things are better in threes. In 2017, Manoharan won yet another RS 70 lakh from India lotteries. Could he bag a fourth India lottery win?

Mojiful Sheikh

Prior to his lottery success, Mofijul was in a tough financial situation. Seeking money to find a more stable home for his family, he decided to buy a lottery ticket. Despite earning a small salary, he used all of his earnings to purchase the life-changing ticket.

After winning RS 1 crore (around US$140,000), Sheikh had the funds to make his dream of buying a new property come true.


From rubber tapper to millionaire, Rajan has also tasted the success of India’s lottery winnings. Once he bought the ticket that transformed his life, he went to the bank to pay off his final loan. However, he had no idea about the fortune coming his way.

The following day, Rajan woke up to discover he was a millionaire. He won a total of Rs 12 crore (around US$1.5 million) and put this towards buying a new home and giving his daughter a better education. With the remaining money, Rajan continued investing and is now hoping for a comfortable future for himself and his family.

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