How to make money while playing Online Roulette

Online Casino games are offering so much that the players are bound to them, the craze for land based casinos is almost over now. Players choose online casinos instead of the land based ones because they deliver so much with ease and comfort.

If we talk about the online casino games which gives you great winning odds and lots of entertainment and is easy to play the first name that came to our mind is traditional game of roulette. The game is very old according to its history it was played in somewhere between the 17th century. The online roulette is an online version of the same game but with some thrashing new features. You can choose any online casino and can play it easily.

Yes, it is true that online roulette is a game of sheer luck and chance but here’s a thing with some good techniques and calculations you can win some real good money in online roulette just like the online andar bahar real cash game. These tips will not only help you in earning more but also can help you avert your loses.

Tips for Online Roulette

There are few tips which can help you:

  1. Small bets – This is the most common tip in online gambling, if you are playing any casino game you should start with small initial bets, betting huge amounts in the starting can cause you big loses, so always keep in mind when you are about to play online roulette you should start with small bets.
  2. Play the free version – If you are a newbie you should go for the free or practice version first, after understanding the actual game you can head towards to the real game with real money.
  3. Choose casino with high winning percentage – You should always look forward for the best casinos that can provide you high winning percentages in the online roulette and also charge less withdrawals fees.
  4. Always choose European Roulette – Online Casinos offer both European and American Roulette if your casino offers both of the game then you should go for the European one. The European version has single-zero wheels whilst the American roulette has two zero on the wheels. The house edge in American roulette is 5.26% which means it is not suitable for the users and the European roulette has house edge of 2.70%.
  5. Martingale and reverse Martingale strategies – You can use these gambling strategies to win more and more real money in Online Roulette
  • Martingale – It is a technique that shows that you should double your betting amount after losing a bet, at some point it will cover all your loses and will end up in providing you nice profits.
  • Reverse Martingale – It is just reverse of the martingale strategy in this includes halving the losing bet and doubling the winning amount it is less risky and highly profitable.

If you are looking to play online roulette, these techniques cannot change the fact that the game is dependent on sheer luck so, any of the tips won’t help you in long run.

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