Gambling addiction: How to get rid of it?

Gambling addiction is a condition where players have an impulse control disorder and is something that can get dangerous for players. We are want to help users by leading them to the correct help. This is a guide to help those with a gambling condition in India.

Please do keep in mind that we do not endorse, recommend or are responsible for any of these centres, we have found this through our own research for those who need our help.

Best People to approach for a Gambling condition in India:

  1. Alpha Healing Centre

Located in Gujarat, it claims to be India’s first ISO approved de-addiction centre. It is a private luxury accommodation giving medical and psychiatric care.


  1. Abhasa Rehabilitation and Wellness

Located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, this centre claims to provide a green and pollution free environment to help you heal and recover.

 3.  Home Trust India 

Otherwise there is also a helpline for Indians. Called the Home Trust India. They can be called at:

  • +91 40 48591231
  • +91 90008 50001
  • +91 81210 01392

(Office hours 9 am – 7 pm)


Gambling addiction is not a joke. This disorder effects not only you but those around you. This could effect:

  • Your family
  • Give Job Related issues
  • Create loneliness
  • Loss of friends
  • Give depression and/or anxiety
  • Give way to other addictions

Gambling addiction symptoms

Some of the symptoms for gambling addiction are:

  1. Always being busy with gambling
  2. Wanting to increase bet size every time to increase the thrill
  3. Not able to control gambling
  4. Irritable behaviour and being restless
  5. Finding online gambling an escape from life
  6. Losing all your money
  7. Asking money from others to gamble online.


An online gambling addiction is a real disease which needs help. We take online gambling issues seriously. All the online casinos and betting sites that we review and advice have licenses to operate and are heavily regulated. They too will be able to help you contact the right people to get help for you.

Make sure that you gamble responsibly. Feel free to contact us in case we can help you with anything.

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