Can I use Cryptocurrency on Gambling Sites in India

Yes, yes you definitely can. Shortly after the creation of Bitcoin, the ingenius began using it as a currency and as unrealistic bonuses in online casinos that people could only dream of. The Supreme Court of India has changed the cryptocurrency ban so that more casinos can serve in India.

Before we get into detail on how and why you can gamble online with crypto, let’s see the major pros:


Using ecrypto is much faster if players want to deposit or withdraw money from casinos due to the speed of the blockchain. Compared to traditional systems like Net Banking, crypto works at the speed of light, it only takes a few hours to transact in your account, while Net Banking takes 2-3 days.

Higher Deposits

Block chains contain a higher deposit amount, so you can play more and have fun. Online casinos that offer payment methods also offer higher and better bonuses to enhance your experience.


If you are worry about your identity with casinos but still want to play online gambling, there is no better payment method than cryptocurrency. Few casinos allow you to deposit funds without proving your identity.

Now that we know the benefits of using cryptocurrency online casinos, let’s look at how players do it.

Before you can start depositing your funds, you need to buy your “coins” or “chips” on platforms like Coinbase and Zebpay. Make sure the platform you are using is authenticated and not cheating on you or your funds. After purchasing the “coins”, you transfer the amounts to a wallet such as Unocoin, which secures and protects them and allows you to use them as any other currency.

The most acceptable cryptocurrency currency for online gambling is Bitcoin (BTC) and we recommend that you use this. Another benefit of using Bitcoin is that you can use mBTC, which is a thousandth of Bitcoin (1 mBTC = 0.001 BTC), which helps break down funds so you can play more!

All you have to do is select a casino of your choice that accepts this currency, such as Dafabet, and then proceed with creation, account and deposit. With your cryptographic tools, you can deposit your funds in the usual way, all you have to do is fill out a form that takes a few minutes, then take advantage of the best bonuses in the online gambling industry and play games like online poker, baccarat, different types of roulette and much more.

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