220 Patti

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You all must have heard about the 220 patti game in which you have to select some numbers and place your bet and luckily if your number comes in the lottery you win some serious big amounts. Playing 220 patti is same like playing satta matka some punters often refer both being the same game. 220 patti is played in various region of the country and is very popular among the local Indian punters.

Playing any kind of lottery and betting game in India is strictly prohibited by the law, the Indian Government don’t allow land based betting and lottery games, it more emphasizes on games of skills rather than the games of luck and chances. Despite of this ban games like 220 patti are played regularly in the local areas because of the high conversion rates local people are fond of this kind of game. You can start with these lottery game with small amounts like ₹50 or ₹100.

How to play 220 Patti Game?

  • Playing 220 patti is very simple and easy that’s why it attracts lots of illiterate people of the rural areas there isn’t any complexity in playing this lottery game.
  • You being a player has to select your lucky numbers which you think will be the winning lottery number.
  • Every morning the winning numbers are announced just like the satta matka numbers and the players wins.
  • Winning conversion is very high in 220 patti players can win up to 999x of their betting amount same as the online satta matka game, if you are ready to take chances and are fully confident on your luck then the game is made for you.

Why 220 patti is so popular?

220 patti is one of the most common and most famous lottery based game in India, there are few reasons that are responsible for this popularity. We all know that lottery and land betting is banned under the law only some states allow these activities still 220 patti is played in almost every part of the country.

  1. Easily Accessible – Apart from the ban, the game of 220 patti is played at higher levels, this game is easily accessible in almost every part of the country, usually it is played in the rural areas of the country.
  2. High Conversion rates – The high conversion or the winning rate in 220 patti is the main reason behind this much of large popularity, people found it much easier to put small amounts of bets and earn large real cash instead of going to offices and working for hours.
  3. Unemployment – Often denied but unemployment is also a major reason behind it, people when don’t have work to do usually engage themselves in these kind of quick money making options.
  4. Easy to play – 220 patti is not only easily accessible but it is also very easy to play, without having much complexities this game attracts more and more rural area population.
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Where to play 220 Patti?

You can play 220 Patti on our favorite casino sites on VegasCasinos.in. You can choose a site of your choice and claim a bonus to play with real money and win big. Play the 220 Patti guessing game in India.

Also you should keep  in mind that 220 Patti is not related to casino games such as Teen Patti Online and is a different game. Hope you win and play well. Make sure that you use casino bonuses so you can play with more real money.

(Note: it is just a review of 220 patti we do not promote or encourage any sort of gambling activities)

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