Mehar Agarwal

Hi! I am, Mehar

Role: Casino Writer & Bonus Expert
Experience: 4+ years of writing iGaming industry content.

About Mehar Agarwal – Casino Bonus Expert

Hi! I’m Mehar, casino bonus expert at Vegas Casinos. Proudly raised in Delhi finishing my schooling and undergraduate degree in Management Studies I started my journey at Mediarun Digital initially as an intern and then rising up the rankings over the years building up my expertise and expericence. With a solid four years in the iGaming sector, I’ve explored every corner of the online casino world, uncovering every hidden gem. My love for casino games started way back when I was just 8, playing teen patti with my family on Diwali night. It was like magic!

My job at Mediarun Digital is to research and compare online real-money bonuses and write about online casino gaming and sports betting for the Indian market. I find operators, compare their first-time deposit bonuses, and then identify the best option for our first-time users. I then post this information on our website and share it across social media. I get into the depths of the casino sites, finding what differentiates them from others and then rank on the basis of a matrix which I have developed.

Over the past few years, I’ve have become one of the leading experts in the online casino and sports betting industry of India, having published over 500 articles online by digging deep, exploring every corner and spilling all the details for you. Think of me as your personal assistant uncovering the secrets of online casinos! I also study patterns in the games to get a deeper understanding of the games.