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Best Online Scratch Cards in India 2023?
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New Players only

Valid on first deposit. Free spins maybe spread out over few days. Look at the casino T&C to learn more. Play Responsibly.

A scratch card game offers the thrill of real money games but without any complicated gaming rules. Online or offline, scratch cards will offer you excitement, hope, and anticipation as you scratch to win.

If you are new to scratch cards, do not worry. This review will cover everything, from tips for playing this game to what sites offer online scratch cards.

Continue reading to learn all there is to know about scratch cards.

What Is a Scratch Card?

Scratch card games, also known as scratch-off or scratch games, are a type of lottery game. Unlike other lottery games, these cards are sold with a guaranteed number of winners and losers.

The concept of it is simple – “scratch and win” The scratch card comes covered with a thin layer of foil. When you buy it, you scratch it off to get the winning number or symbols. To win, you are typically required to find the symbol or number three times on the card.

Play Scratch Card At An Online Casino

The easiest way to play scratch online is by checking out online casinos. Playing scratch cards online casinos India is common, but these sites are also a goldmine when it comes to scratch games.

With online games, the same rules apply as real-world scratch games. However, gamers will find a scratch website more appealing.

The benefit of playing scratch cards with online casinos is that you get variety. Here are some reasons why you should try online scratch.

  • Secure And Swift Payment – Players can adjust bet on the go and withdraw money through a secure gateway, directly into their bank account.
  • Fun Themes – Online games use graphics and sound effects based on stories, movies, and so on to make the experience more exciting.
  • Quick Result Declaration – Unlike the offline game, online scratch cards are played in a matter of minutes, with results getting declared almost immediately.
  • Customer Care – Online casinos have customer support teams that will help players with whatever query or concerns they have.

How to play video


Watch this video where we have played online scratch cards with real cash to teach others how to play the game. It is as its name suggest, scratch and win.

Play Scratch Card On Mobile

To make things even more convenient and fast-paced, gamers can download a scratch to win app. Online casinos have apps that will also include scratch card games. In case there is no app for your favorite scratch card game, you can open it on your mobile web browser.

There are a few apps specifically designed for scratch cards gaming. If you search “how to play scratch cards,” you will come across that Scratch 2 online and Drimify. They allow anyone to create their own scratch game app!

Scratch Card Review

Scratch cards cater to every type of player. It ticks all the essential boxes – simple interface, easy to follow, time-saving, and minimal monetary risk.

These games are also popular for the odds they offer. Scratch card India games have higher RTP than other casino games, ranging from 94% to 96%.

How To Play Scratch Cards?

Playing scratch card games online is simplicity itself. You can get started in just a few steps without wasting any time practicing or strategizing.

Step 1 – Choose a site with a good reputation, quick and secure payment processing, responsive customer service, and game variety.

Step 2 – Once you register on the site with the required details, add the required funds to your account.

Step 3 – When choosing the right scratch card game for you, remember to also set the bet size according to your preference.

Step 4 – You can use either your cursor or your finger (in case of a touchscreen) to scratch off your card.

As you scratch it off, the card will reveal if you have any numbers matching the given numbers. The payout is credited to your account in case you get the matching numbers.

Types Of Scratch Cards

New players will be surprised at the sheer variety in scratch card games. Here are some categories that these games fall under.

  • Instant Win – You instantly click to see if you have won or not, and you will only have one chance to win.
  • Multiple Chances – The winning numbers are displayed, and players get multiple chances to try and get matching numbers.
  • Lines – You have to get matching symbols in a row or column to trigger a payout, like slots.

Tips And Tricks Of Play Scratch Cards

Listed below are some tips on how to crack the code for getting the winning scratch cards!

  • If you are a new player, first try the game in free mode to understand the basics before betting real money.
  • To avoid continuous buying of cards, set aside a specific budget for scratch cards.
  • You must go through the fine print of the scratch cards to know the terms and conditions in case of a win.
  • Since they do not require huge investments, you can buy a bulk of scratch cards to increase your chance of winning.
  • It will be best if you take advantage of the online casino promotions to maximize your winnings.

Best Sites To Play Scratch Card

If you are not sure which website to choose, listed below are the top sites for playing scratch cards online.


PureWin Casino Great Welcome Bonus
JungliWin New in the Indian market
Glassi Paytm and UPI available


Out of the ones mentioned, the best site for Indian players stands to be PureWin, they have exclusive scratch cards that you can find nowhere else, like Raid The Piggy Bank. Moreover, the odds are very rewarding, giving you a chance to win 1 crore cash online!

Popular Scratch Card Games

With so many online games available, it can get confusing to choose a scratch card game. So here is a list that summarizes the most popular ones, which will surely satisfy your appetite for risk.

Instant Millionaire
Raid The Piggy Bank Online India
Full Bloom
10 Lucky Years
Fruity Flurry
Everyday Payday

Best Scratch Card Providers

You tell whether a scratch card game is good or not by identifying their gaming providers. Here is a list of the most respected scratch card providers in the industry.

  • Microgaming
  • NeoGames
  • Playtech
  • NetoPlay
  • Pariplay

Real Money Online Scratch Cards

Although free modes are less risky, players enjoy reaping the benefits of playing real money scratch cards. You can access scratch card buy games India from casino sites and apps now.

It is especially hard to resist when these sites include several payment options, attractive bonuses, and amazing winning odds! There are no free scratch cards where you can win real money on online casinos but you can get the Welcome Bonus on sites such as PureWin and play with real money.

Legality Of Online Scratch Card In India

Scratch cards are not illegal in most of India. Gambling laws vary from state to state. However, none of the laws refer to online lottery. So players who engage in online lottery games like scratch cards on a local site or foreign-based provider are safe.

Playing Online Scratch Card With Indian Rupees

Several casinos accept Indian currency. So you can easily deposit money from India through various payment methods like Google Pay, Visa, and MasterCards. In fact, many sites that have a loyal fanbase in India will provide special offers to Indian players!

Final Thoughts

Scratch card is a not-so-complicated game that both old and new gamblers enjoy playing. It is also a great way for beginners to ease themselves into the thrilling world of gambling.

The only thing players have to be wary of is where and how they play, especially when money is involved. So, make sure to play scratch card games only on sites that have the proper licensing and avoid sites that offer free online scratch cards to win real money with no deposit.