Learn How To Play Magnify Man

It is an action-packed cash or crash game made for gamers looking for a variety of gaming opportunities with next-level thrill and fun

Magnify Man begins with selecting your bet size and press the PLAY button to start.

Now, a superhero wearing a cape and a 10000x multiplier starts flying towards right side of the screen.

Now, you can cash out before Magnify Man disappears into the clouds. 

The longer you wait, the higher you win, but you might lose as sometimes Magnify Man disappears very soon.

There is an "auto cash out feature" where you can select the multiplier limit for your bets and immediately collect wins using this feature.

If you win, funds are added immediately in your account balance and if you were unable to cash-out then you lose your bet amount.


2. Parimatch

Magnify Man Has An RTP of 96%

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