Online Gambling in India is Going Strong

With a total population of around 1.3 billion, India’s online gambling is highly attractive for many international online casinos and sports betting operators.

The global gambling industry sees India’s mobile and online betting and casino as one of the world’s strongest growth markets.

CEO of Catalyst Web Trendz, VaibhavJaiswal said to the press:Mobile penetration is one thing which is very important for operators looking at entering India’s online gambling. We have more than six 7 billion mobile users so we have the maximum penetration by internet users across the globe.”

MattiasBergehed, Managing Director at ENV Media Ltd. Said that Telegram is a central part of the strategy for Indian sports betting sites. The telegram plays a key role in communicating with customers on Indian sports betting sites and has proven to be extremely helpful for customer service. For example, the IPL was incredible in terms of impressions and engagements on Telegram. I never saw anything like it. And I’ve been doing this in Europe for many years so you can’t even compare,” he said to journalists.

Jaiswal added that India online casino operators should not underestimate the significance of Telegram: I have seen very good numbers coming to Telegram because they started on Telegram. We also have advertised through Facebook groups to a very close-knit community that we created, where a person can join by invite only.”

In addition, both highlighted the importance of understanding different geographical markets for India’s online casino and sports betting: “We reviewed users in analytics and targeted specific series, one of those are Bangalore,” said Bergehed.”Bangalore has a population of over 10 million so we want to build brand awareness and improve direct traffic.”From my experience, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, are the top cities in India.

Finally, cricket betting and India online casinos were highlighted as sectors interested affiliates should focus on.” Cricket in India, it’s a religion like a football is in Brazil, it’s huge,” they said.

You can be anywhere in India to place your cricket bets or play the best casino games on your computer or mobile. The most reputable international operators have online casinos and sportsbooks in India. Register today and claim a free bonus.

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