How to play Teen Patti with Paytm?

One of the most popular table card games in India, 3 Patti is played across India daily. Teen Patti is a straightforward card game to play and with a little bit of luck and strategy, you can easily win a lot of money. Teen Patti is best enjoyed when played with real money at the casino.

You can play Teen Patti with real money using Paytm by signing up at a casino and depositing money in your account using Paytm as your preferred payment method. Here are a few simple steps to get you started.

  • Find the best casino for playing Teen Patti and sign up
  • Deposit money into your account using Paytm and claim your bonus
  • Choose the 3 Patti game you want to play
  • Place your bets so you are dealt your cards

It all takes just a few minutes and you can enjoy playing Teen Patti with friends and family online.

Teen Patti Hand Rankings

Play 3 Patti with Paytm


Why use Paytm?

One of the most important aspects of playing online is the ease of payment methods. Every player wants that they should be able to deposit and withdraw money easily and securely and Paytm is the best solution for that. Paytm is widely used in India as a digital method for making online payments at casinos. They use secure technology to ensure that your money is completely safe and secure.

Types of Paytm Deposit

Paytm offers three methods for transactions at Online Casinos.

  1. Net Banking – For depositing money in your account, you can select the ‘net banking’ option. Here you add in your Paytm Bank details and deposit the money.
  2. UPI – Here you need to fill in your UPI ID and you will get a message on your phone asking you to authorise the transaction. Accept the payment option.
  3. Wallet – You can also make a deposit directly from your Paytm Wallets.

Once you have won money, you can withdraw money in the same manner from the casino using Paytm.

Winning at Teen Patti

  • To win when playing Teen Patti, one of the things you need to keep in mind is the ranking of your cards.
  • In the three-card game, the best hand is the Trail or Three of a Kind that is made up of cards of the same value or rank, like three 2’s.
  • This is followed by a Pure Sequence or Straight Flush which is three consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • Next is the Sequence or Straight, which is three consecutive cards of the different suits.
  • Down in the ranking, you have the Colour or Flush, three cards of the same suit.
  • Then you have the Pair, two cards of the same rank or value.
  • In the end, you have the High Card that is made up of a single card of high value. If you have a K,10, 6, then the King is your high card.
  • Keeping these rankings in mind will help you place bets correctly and win lots of money at the casino.


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