Cricket Betting in India


Cricket has been a major part of Indian’s culture for decades, and India’s cricket national team and IPL have gained a great following of die-hard fans not only in India but all over the world. To match the sport’s immense popularity, betting on cricket in India is also the country’s most prominent sports betting market.

According to a Doha-based International Centre for Sports Security, India’s yearly cricket betting market is estimated at $150 billion (RS 9.9 lakh crore). When India’s cricket national team plays, bets are estimated at $200 million each day. This makes IPL betting the largest sports-betting market in the world with the best online casinos such as Dafabet India and Melbet casino offering the best odds.

Is Cricket Betting Legal in India?

With such vast numbers of internet and mobile users in India, there is a massive selection of sites that offer cricket betting online. These offer IPL match predictions, IPL betting tips, and if you are a new customer, you will receive a great cricket welcome bonus.

There are many bookies available in India, and a tremendous amount of cricket gambling takes place online. IPL betting has taken over the craze of betting among punters. But is cricket betting legal in India? The straight answer would be that the federal government’s constitution bans gambling.

However, the legal landscape isn’t as straightforward. This, given that each state’s laws differ. So while some states allow gambling, others ban it, and some states are trying to regulate and legalize it.

So although it is not officially legal in many states, cricket betting has been a controversial topic aided by various corrupted match-fixing scandals in the past. However, there is no complete shutdown regarding betting by the authorities, allowing the sportsbooks to operate and cater to Indian gamblers through betting sites such as Indibet India which has a fantastic site.

Reasons behind the Increasing Popularity of Online Cricket Betting In India:

There are many reasons why Indians like to gamble on cricket online, some of which are:

  • Taking Part of the Action: Like in any sport, when placing a bet on cricket, you put your own stake in the game and become part of the competition.
  • Cricket Betting is Highly Accessible: Online cricket betting is highly accessible in India due to the many online and mobile cricket bookies. So betting on your next game can be done from your mobile phone 24/7, from anywhere you are. You can do mobile cricket betting on apps such as Betway and Parimatch to get the best betting offers.
  • Multiple Tournaments Every Year: Each year, there are plenty of matches played on the Indian grounds or by team India on international fields. So there is never a dull moment when betting on cricket in India.
  • The Chance to Make Money: Although sports betting depends significantly on luck, many Indians gamble huge amounts of money on the yearly IPL predictions and win.

What Is Cricket Betting All About?

Cricket betting is basically betting on the outcome of a certain tournament or match, which is usually the result of the game, the match’s progress, or individual player performance. Cricket betting sites offer fixed or variable odds on certain outcomes of the match, which can be rejected or agreed upon by a punter. It covers large numbers of possible outcomes.

In exchange betting, two punters bet simultaneously, and the bookie asks as the intermediary. Since this type of bet is between specific outcomes, it has limited options. You can try out Parimatch cricket betting to see how you can play with the bets odds and bonuses.

Most Popular Cricket Formats to Bet On

Cricket offers a variety of formats and tournaments. Some of the major and most popular tournaments among cricket betting punters are:

Test Matches: In test matches, the game goes on for 5 consecutive days, and each side is eligible for two innings each. Due to the game format, teams at times cannot complete their allotted innings, or the match might get overdue to fall of wickets or a draw situation.

Predicting outcomes for test matches is a difficult job, but the scores are higher than other formats. Punters who have enough patience to wait for the outcome over 5 days might find good betting opportunities within the game.

One Day International: In ODI matches, each team gets 50 overs to play for, and the aim is to win through a large run margin or wicket margin. Draw in ODIs has low possibility, which makes it a lucrative tournament among bettors.

T20 Matches: In the twenty-twenty format, each team gets 20 overs to either score big or drop the opponent team’s wickets. This format of the game involves big hits and massive scoring opportunities. T20 usually takes around 3-4 hours to get over, making the results quick and convenient. IPL 2021, scheduled from the 9th of April, would showcase huge betting within the country.

Cricket Betting Sites in India

There are many great Indian online cricket betting Apps. But to get you started, we have chosen two of our favourites.

JungliWIN started operating in 2006 and offers fair and lucrative bets in cricket. It is one of the best cricket betting sites in India. This site offers a cricket betting welcome bonus which attracts punters from all over the world. JungliWin IPL betting is also very popular, and it provides some amazing software to back up live streaming of games.

Dafabet IPL betting is also very popular as it is Asia’s largest online betting site for placing bets on multiple sports. is one of the best online betting sites for cricket in India, though rather unknown here it is immensely popular in Europe and has brilliant football betting bonuses too!


The popularity of Cricket betting in India is like how the British love football. Indians love watching, playing, and gambling on the sport due to the advancement of technology and innovations that make gambling possible within the country. However, cricket is affected by the playing conditions, type of field, and weather. These factors determine the winning angles irrespective of the type of tournament one is betting on.

Making money via cricket betting in major leagues is a full-time job for several punters, but there is always a risk of losing large sums of money within no time. Therefore, responsible betting is essential to avoid taking unnecessary risks by betting money that one can never afford to lose.

So read our reviews of the best cricket live betting sites in India, sign up, and you can be betting in minutes. While at it, don’t forget to claim the best cricket welcome bonuses in India!

If you do also want to play casino games such as online teen patti and live andar bahar you can play on sites such as Pure casino and Jungle Raja casino and get the best bonuses!

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